let’s hoop!
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What hoop size is right for you?

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HU-LA-LA hoops are either 40” or 44” in diameter and weigh 1.5 pounds.

All hoops are custom made and are available in a variety of colors.

Currently, hoops are only available for purchase in the Orange County, California area and cost:

$30 + tax for a hoop with two custom colors or

$35 + tax for a hoop with three custom colors.

If you are 5'5" or smaller in height and less than 15-20 pounds overweight, the 40" hoop is probably right for you.  A 40” hoop is also good if you want to do some of the tricks and dance moves that require the hoop to rotate faster.  Remember the smaller the circumference of the hoop, the faster you will have to rotate the hoop to keep it up.  A smaller hoop will get your heart rate up quicker and will give you a faster aerobic workout.

A larger hoop will rotate more slowly and will make it easier to maintain the hoop rotation.  If you are 20 pounds or more overweight and are of average height or taller, I recommend the 44" hoop.  The benefit of a larger hoop is that you can vary the speed.  If you are a beginner, would prefer learning at a slower rate, or are considerably overweight, you will probably benefit from starting with the larger hoop.  This will allow you to experience immediate success, which will encourage you to continue to work out with the hoop. 

Hoops sizes may slightly vary as these are all cut by hand.